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Easter Schedule




Wondering what to do with your Lenten Rice Bowl?  If you haven’t brought your Rice Bowl in to the parish, you can always count up the donations and contribute your offering online if you wish: https://www.seattlearchdiocese.org/Stewardship/Collections/RiceBowl.aspx


Palm Sunday 2014

Palm Sunday 2014

Donating to Slide Victims

Some of your people may want to know how they can make donations to assist with the Oso mudslide relief effort. Catholic Community Services of Western Washington is accepting donations. Those who would like to donate should visit www.ccsww.org.

Donations will be forwarded by CCS to Father Tim Sauer, Pastor of  St. John Vianney Parish, Darrington and Immaculate Conception Parish, Arlington. These parishes will be providing direct assistance to people in Oso and the surrounding communities.

Those who would prefer to donate by check can mail them to:

Catholic Community Services
Attn: Oso Mudslide
100 23rd Ave. S
Seattle, WA 98144-2312

Please make checks payable to “Catholic Community Services” and write “Oso Mudslide” in the memo line

Urgent Message

Subject: Tax Identity Theft Information

We wanted to let you know that the Safe Environment database of the Archdiocese of Seattle has been breached and the information was used to file false tax claims.  If you have EVER taken the classes or had a background check through the Archdiocese, your information might have been compromised.  See the links below for information about how to find out if a false claim was filed under your name and other helpful information from the Archdiocese.   Please be sure to use the necessary capital letters for the link to work.  If you have been a victim, please follow the information to contact the Archdiocese of Seattle.    

Even if you aren’t one of the victims, you are encouraged to file your return as soon as possible to ensure that it doesn’t happen in the near future.
IRS Tax Fraud Scam

IRS IdentityTheftForm

Steps You Can Take

Seattle Archdiocese

IRS form 14039

Equifax Fraud Form


Our NFP Apostolate is Featured in NW Catholic Magazine!

Our New Baptismal Font Featured in NWCatholic.org!

40 CANS for 40 DAYS

The Knights of Columbus would like to host a program for Lent called “40 Cans for 40 Days.”  For each of the 40 days of Lent, you are invited to bring a can of food to the church (or all at once each Sunday) and leave it in the collection barrel as you enter church.  This corporal work of mercy promotes solidarity with those in need and constantly reminds us of the needs of others.  Food will be given to the East County Resource Center in Washougal.



July 7-11
Grades 1-12 (entering in the Fall)

Registration is now open!

TOTUS TUUS Registration Pack

St Thomas parishioner’s have priority acceptance until May 1st. All other registrations will be placed on a waiting list and accepted into the program after May 1st as space permits. All non-parishioner checks will be held until that time. All registrations will be notified by e-mail confirming acceptance. All registrations due by June 9th.



A new October performance date will be chosen.

 Natural Family Planning

Christ and His Church call us to holiness in our everyday lives and in and through our vocations.  In the Sacrament of Marriage, a particular kind of conjugal chastity is demanded by the nature of love and God’s order of Creation. In marriage, the two have become one and are called to continually make that gift of self-donation to the other as they strive to build up one another in faith and love.  The two, in imitating the Trinity by their union and love, also share with the Trinity in the great work of co-creation.  Part of this, of course, is the bearing and raising of children.  Marriage in many ways is oriented towards children, which are always a great good. 

The couple must remember God’s dominion over Creation as they remain open to life, and must not cut these off through contraception and sterilization.  While these are illicit, the Church does allow spouses, with prayer and discernment, to plan their families in a natural way. 

Denise Swanson, the NFP Apostolate Coordinator, can be reached at denisemswanson@comcast.net with questions or inquiries.