Columbia River Serra is hosting the 5th Annual Vocations Benefit Dinner on Saturday, January 31 at 6:30pm in the Marian Hall at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.  The cost for the dinner is $12.00 (all high school youth are free).  Proceeds go to support Quo Vadis, a three day camp for young men to learn about the priesthood.  For Tickets, contact Shirley Buckmier (883-9333) or Greg Dayton (835-5373).

2015 Serra Vocations Poster – FD



ConfirmationConfirmation Preparation-Sundays 9:30-10:30am Fireside – beginning on February 1st.

Starting February 22, 2015:  Confirmation class changes to 9:45 – 10:45 due to change in Mass schedule.



Consecrated Life.

On November 30, the First Sunday of Advent, Pope Francis inaugurated a Year for Consecrated Life.  It will close on the World Day of Consecrated Life, February 2, 2016.  There are three primary purposes for this Year:
     1.  renewal for men and women in consecrated life;
     2.  thanksgiving among the faithful for the service of sisters, brothers, priests,
          and nuns
     3.  invitation to young Catholics to consider a religious vocation.

For the Year for Consecrated Life here at St. Thomas Aquinas we have several special programs and events that I hope you will take advantage of.  Please click on the link below for all the details.

Letter to Parishioners Year of Consecrated Life


An Ignatian Path to Christ

All parishioners are invited to participate in the Forty Weeks program beginning November 30.  This program has three goals:  1) to teach individuals to look at the movements toward and away from God in their lives so as to turn all over to Christ and find healing where necessary;  2) to build a daily, personal relationship with Jesus Christ; and 3) to learn how to discern the two different spiritual inspirations (good and evil) that are constantly working beneath our conscious awareness.

Week Nine assignment:  We continue to delve deeper to see connections within our life story.  Six exercises for this week.


Epiphany Concert Highlights





New Mass Times

Beginning February 21-22, 2015
our Sunday Mass schedule will be as follows:

     Saturday Vigil – 5:00pm
     Sunday – 8:30am and 11:00am


Natural Family Planning

Christ and His Church call us to holiness in our everyday lives and in and through our vocations.  In the Sacrament of Marriage, a particular kind of conjugal chastity is demanded by the nature of love and God’s order of Creation. In marriage, the two have become one and are called to continually make that gift of self-donation to the other as they strive to build up one another in faith and love.  The two, in imitating the Trinity by their union and love, also share with the Trinity in the great work of co-creation.  Part of this, of course, is the bearing and raising of children.  Marriage in many ways is oriented towards children, which are always a great good. 

The couple must remember God’s dominion over Creation as they remain open to life, and must not cut these off through contraception and sterilization.  While these are illicit, the Church does allow spouses, with prayer and discernment, to plan their families in a natural way. 

Denise Swanson, the NFP Apostolate Coordinator, can be reached at with questions or inquiries.


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